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„Whoever wants the world to continue on as it is does not want the world to continue on at all.“

(Erich Fried)

"Act so that the effects of your action are compatible with the permanence of real human life on earth."

(The principle of responsibility,
Hans Jonas)


This quote serves to illustrate our motivation as members of the OekoAndina association; we have come together because we see a clear mission to act. This is what we want for our world:

  • A fair distribution of wealth
  • That all people have access to education, to ensure continuation of vital cultural diversity
  • That our environment with all its riches be preserved, and that meaningful contributions to combating climate change are made

We also demand that politicians be made accountable for their actions, and do not shirk their responsibilities.

Therefore, we are looking others to work with us or help by sponsoring our projects.

Based on an association of friends of the Puna, a long-term cooperation with the EcoAndina Foundation in Argentina been ongoing for many years. The EcoAndina Foundation works to preserve the rich ecology of the Andean region as well as improve the living conditions for the indigenous peoples of that area.

Through the support of this association of friends as well as through model projects, the social conditions of the indigenous population as well as the ecological conditions in the provinces Jujuy, Salta and La Rioja have improved. The concept of a “solar village” has become a model for other regions.

We are pleased to be able to provide support for this ambitious and dedicated work.



Sie möchten unsere Arbeit
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