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Together with our partners in Argentina, we are working on several projects and need both material as well as financial support.

To donate

If you are interested in our work and would like to support us, please contact us or

Help us by donating directly:

OekoAndina e.V.
Mainzer Volksbank (MVB)
BLZ: 55190000
Konto: 0756644019
IBAN: DE 18551900000756644019

We are a registered non-profit organization and will be glad to provide you with a receipt for your donation. 

You can specify for what project your donation should be spend – see the list below. In the following pages you will find details on our project and topics.

Donations for the "Fundación EcoAndina" will be passed on to them and are also tax deductible.

Our administrative costs are low and not more than 5% of annual income.


  - We would welcome anyone who would like to work with us - please contact us

We need support in the following areas:

General tasks for the association OekoAndina e.V.
general tasks for the foundation Fundación EcoAndina in Argentina
Expansion of the ecostation Ecohuasi in Misa Rumi (CenamPu - Centro ambiental de la Puna)
Project MECOVIPU Mejorar las Condiciones de la Vida en la Puna
Projekt irrigation
Project Solar bath of the andes
Project Solar heatings
Project Solar family cooking
Project Solar photovoltaic
Project Ecosanitation
Project Carbon Credits
Project IT Computers for the Puna
Ecologic transformation in schools and Neighbourhood centre



Sie möchten unsere Arbeit
und Projekte unterstützen?

Sie möchten Ihr Wissen und
Ihre Erfahrung einbringen?

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